Vibration Exercise & Weight Loss

Vibration Exercise & Weight Loss

Many people reported weight loss as a benefit from vibration exercise. Many other people that have just started or intend to start practicing vibration exercise are wishing to achieve the same goal.

I consider vibration exercise’s contribution to weight loss being secondary.

Vibration exercise is usually light duty. Although it can consume a little more energy than regular physical exercise of the same intensity, the amount of additional energy consumed does not burn much fat.

However, vibration stimulation and the enhanced circulation may boost our metabolic functionality that allow us to burn calories more effectively in our physical exercises and basic daily activities.

Resting metabolic activities are also important for weight loss. High resting metabolic rate can effectively increase calorie consumption in our basic daily activities like circulation, respiration, brain and neurological functions, and cell growth, etc., helping achieve weight loss effect.

To conclude, vibration exercise’s role in weight management is secondary. It relies on a primary role to take the effect. Intensive physical exercise can be a primary role that can work well with vibration exercise.

Too many factors can contribute to weight loss. It is difficult to design a research trial to isolate and evaluate vibration therapy’s effectiveness on weight loss.

People reported weight loss after practicing vibration exercise probably also made some positive life-style change during the same period.

Enhanced performance and functionality of our body systems will have positive effect on the improvement of many health conditions, including weight loss. This is fundamental. Vibration exercise is to work on the fundamentals.

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