Quality Issues of VT003F Vibration Plate

Quality Issues of VT003F Vibration Plate

VT003F is vibration plate model developed by SpecsPro LLC. It is a high frequency linear vibration designed for home use. Its performance and user experience are comparable to commercial grade vibration plat that you may find in gym, like Power Plate, Vibeplate and Bulletproof. VT003F has the adjustable frequency range from 15Hz to 40Hz, and two amplitude settings. Such a design makes it a versatile vibration plate for different treatment applications.

Over 6000 units of VT003F vibration plates have been sold by the end of 2020. The therapeutical effectiveness of this type of vibration motion pattern has been largely recognized.

There are about 2% defective VT003F vibration machine reported. Quality issues mostly exposed within the first month of use.

Please never hesitate to contact us for any quality issue. Contact Vibration Therapeutic

Here on this webpage we summarize major quality issues of VT003F vibration plate, so that users of VT003F can comment, discuss, and share their own experiences about this machine. Below are the major quality issues.

Control Box Issues – about 1.5% defective rate

Control box issues are usually fuse blown or malfunction due to defective circuit or accidental power surge. The issues may appear as machine dead without light, machine turned-on to run on highest speed with no control, or control signal mess-up.

Replacing The Fuse

If machine is dead (no light), you may first try to replace the fuse. VT003F’s fuse is a 5 Amp 20mmx2mm size tube. Please un-plug the machine from the electricity supply before replacing the fuse. The fuse box is located next to the power switch at the back side of the control box. You can use a philip screwdriver to unscrew the fuse cap, and replace the fuse. See the demo picture below.

vT003F vibration plate fuse

Replacing The Control Box

If it is not the fuse issue, the control box needs to be replaced. The control box is connected to the motor using a 3-pin connector (white color). There is no wiring or soldering work involved to replace the control box. The connector is fixed on the bottom plate with a metal braket. A cable tie binds the male part and female part of the connector together for additional security.

Please follow the following steps to replace the control box.

Step 1 – Unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom of the control box from its base using a philip screwdriver.

Step 2 – Push the white color connector out of the metal bracket. Then un-plug and remove the defective control box. You may need to use a short philip screw driver to loose the metal bracket to make it easier to push out the connector.

Step 3 – Plug in the new control box and and push the connector back into its braket. There is no need to bind the control box with a cable tie.

Step 4 – Screw on the new control box on its base, and the repair job is done.

vibration-plate-control-boxVT003F Control Box

Motor Issue – 0.1% Defective Rate

VT003F vibration plate is driven by a 80W DC motor. The motor defective rate has proved to be very low. Out of over 6000 units of VT003F sold, only about half a dozen are because of motor issue. That is about a 0.1% defective rate.

Over years, the carbon brushes of the DC motor will wear out. Depending on the rotation speed it runs, the DC motor is designed to run 5000 – 7000 hours before the carbon brushes worn out and need to be replaced. Therefore the motor would last for over 10 years for regular home use.

vibration-motorVT003F Motor & Eccentric Wheel Assembly

Remote Control Problems

Defective remote controls are not counted in our machine defective rate, because this issue can be easily solved. We ship out replacement remote control via USPS Priority Service immediately after we receive the claim.

We found in many cases, the problems with remote control were that users did not point the remote control to the control panel. The remote control uses infra-red light to transmit signal, just like TV remote. It needs to point to the signal receiving window on the control panel to work.

Anyway, we keep sufficient inventory of remote control for immediate shipping to the customers up on request for any reason.

VT003F remote controlVT003F Remote Control – Various Versions

Weak Design of Control Box Base Piece

There are a few cases that the control box is broken off from the base. That is because of a desgin flaw of the control box base piece. The picure below shows the bottom view of a control box base piece. The four cylinder shape screw holers are a bit thin. They have enough strength to endure vibration in regular use. However, accidental impact can break these cylinders. This base piece can be easily replaced only using a screw driver. We keep inventory of this part on request.

control box base piece of VT003FVT003F Control Box Base Piece

In our future design, the control box will not be mounted on the machine body. The control box and the vibrating machine body are connected with a control cable and a three-pin connector. Therefore the control box does not vibrate with the machine. Of cousre there will not be control box breaking off the base issue.

Missing Accessories

There are situations that remote control or the pair of hand straps are omitted in the order package. We always respond immediately upon receiving claim, by shipping out the missing accessories via USPS Priority service.

VT003F AccessoriesVT003F Hand Straps & 2018 Version Remote Control

At Vibration Therapeutic, customer satisfaction is our top priority. The easiest way to contact us is through the contact form on our website www.vibrationtherapeutic.com.

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