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Terms & Conditions

Updated on September 28, 2020

The mission of VibrationCare is to promote vibration therapy and facilitate the relevant information exchange through its blog website www.vibrationcare.com (hereinafter – “the Blog or the Website”). Any person can use the Website to share experience, knowledge and ideas, as well as to promote services and products related to vibration therapy. By using this website, the users agree and abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in this Terms & Condition document.

The Website is maintained and administered by a team of owners, admin and moderators that are hereinafter referred to as the Administration.

Terms of Use

Users and the Use

Any person can use the Website to publish articles and participate the discussions, using its blog platform. The topics shall be related to vibration therapy. Users are welcome to share experience, knowledge and ideas, as well as to promote services and products.

Any user can use the Website as a registered user or a non-registered user.

Registered user is automatically assigned a role as a contributor. A registered user can also be assigned the roles as an editor and a moderator.

Not for E-commerce

The Website is not set up as an e-commerce website. Although users can use this website to publish their advertisement, allowing viewers to comment and discuss on products and services, the Website is not involved in any direct business transaction. The Administration does not warrant any business transactions that are communicated and contracted using the communication platform of the Website.

Links to third party websites may be included in the posts in this Website. Users should be aware that they are out of this Website if they click any of these links. These links may connect to a third party e-commerce website.

Behaviors and Conducts

Users of the Website shall abide by US and International laws, and follow commonly accepted practices and social conducts. Violation may be subjected to the judgement of the Administration.

Administration’s Right

The Administration reserve the right to restrict any person’s access to the Website as a registered user, if the person’s activity, behavior and conduct are considered as violating this Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy. In such as case, the Administration has the right to delete the violated content from the Website without prior notice.

Data Security & Content Storage

Data Security

The Website is SSL certified. Data transmitted thought the Website is SSL/TLS encrypted. The data transmission is secure. However, user must be aware that the data can be saved on local computer, like a shared computer, that may not be secure.

Although the person data collected from the Website is minimum, users are advised to be cautious about exposing personal data in their posted contents and member profile.

For user’s convenience, the user registration program is not configured to enforce password complexity requirement. It is the user’s diligence to select a secure password to protect his/her own personal data.

Content Storage

Vibrationcare.com website is built on reliable Godaddy hosting and database servers. However, there is still a possibility that technology issues may cause website content loss. Users are responsible for their own content backup.
Intellectual Property

The copyright and other intellectual property of the contents on the website belong to the content writers. Users shall contact the content writers for any intent of use.

The Administration are not capable verifying copyrights and handling issues about intellectual property. However, the Administration may delete any contents that they consider potentially violate certain intellectual property protection laws and practices.

The Administration are not responsible for intellectual property infringement or violation of any third party contributed contents.


The mission of VibrationCare is to promote vibration therapy as an alternative medicine. The topics are mostly medical related. However, the content of the website, including the statements and comments from the Administration are not evaluated by any medical institute or regulatory authority.

The contents contributed by users of the Website do not necessary represent the opinions of the Administration.

Users are ultimately responsible for their decision of using any information obtained or perceived from the Website. User’s discretion is advised.