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Privacy Policy

Updated on September 29, 2020

As a membership blog website, VibrationCare Blog website (hereinafter – the Blog or the Website) collects some user data for the designed blogging and commenting functions. The user data are also used to identify users in the registration system for the management of user access and profiles. Other user data collected are non-personally-identifying information that web browsers and servers usually make available.

VibrationCare is serious and cautious about users’ personal data privacy and the use. Our principle is for users to completely own their data and decide what to expose. The fundamental guide line of our privacy police is:

  1. Minimal user data collection.
  2. No commercial use.

The privacy policy terms are stipulated below.

What user’s data are collected?

Minimal personal data collection

As a fundamental guide line, we limit personal data collection to the minimum that is essential for the functionality and administration of this membership blog system.

Non-critical personal data

The Website only collects non-critical personal data include usernames, user’s name, display name and email address. The website is not involved in any e-commerce payment processing, and therefore there is no any personal credit card data collected. The Website may collect non-personally identifying data that the server usually tracks, such as browser type, IP address, referring site, and the time of web visit, etc.

Non-personal data for research

Off the website and the server system, we may collect users’ demographic data, health related information and treatment results for research purpose. These data are collected on non-person-specific basis, and therefore not considered as personal data.

How user’s data are collected?

Data collected as users use the website

As users make registration with the Forum. User’s name, username, display name, and email address are collected in the website database. For registered users, other user data are also collected as the users add those data in their online account profile, including url, avatar and bio.

As users use the Website, the browser, IP address, referring site, visit time and other user internet use behavior related data are collected.

What user’s data are exposed?

First Name or Display Name

In the blog post, your Display Name is published along with your contributed content. If you did not choose a Display Name, your First Name will be published. Your email address will not be published. If you put your email address in the post content, it will be published with the content.

Author Box

By default your Author Box is appended below each of your post. The Author includes your Display Name (or First Name if Display Name is absent), your Avatar and your Bio, which you entered at your profile page.

User controlled exposure

Users can choose to expose more personal data in their forum or blog post contents, and user profile if so desired. It is up to the user to decide the extend of personal data exposure.

How the user’s data are used?

For website performance

The user data may be used for analytical purpose to improve website performance, user-experience and search engine optimization.

Never commercial

Users’ email addresses are the only true personally identifying data for commercial use. The administration of the Website will not use users’ email address for email marketing and customer soliciting.

Never unauthorized transfer

Users’ personal data, on individual basis or as a whole, will never be transferred to a third party unless written consent from the use.

Data for research

Data used for scientific research are non-person-specific basis.

What are the data security measures?

SSL Certified

The Website is SSL certified. Data transmitted thought the Website is SSL/TLS encrypted. The data transmission is secure.

User’s due diligence

user must be aware that data he or she entered can be saved on the local computer, like a shared computer, which may not be secure.

Although the person data collected from the Website is minimum, users are advised to be cautious about exposing personal data in their posted contents and member profile.

For user’s convenience, the user registration program is not configured to enforce password complexity. It is the user’s responsibility to select a secure password to protect his/her owner personal data.