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VibrationCare is established as a community of vibration therapy users, practitioners and professionals that are passionate about the theories, benefits, applications, limitations and risks of therapy. This community is based on this membership blog website www.vibrationcare.com.

This website is just launched. Your supports in writing post or commenting on other writers’ post are especially appreciated. We are also seeking volunteers to serve the roles like moderators, editors and columnists. At VibrationCare, us means you and the rest of the community.

Currently Jay Tang, a Minnesota resident, is serving the role as the admin, facilitating content writers in editing and publishing.

We are explorers.
Become a member

Any person interested in vibration therapy is welcome to be a member. Registration is easy and free.

Member are encouraged join any of the following activities:

  • Publish posts about your experience, knowledge, idea or product/service information related to vibration therapy.
  • Comment and discuss on posts or your interests.
  • Take a role as a moderator or editor
  • Become a columnist and maintain your column page.
Features and Functionalities

This website is designed to focus on you as a member, your blog contents and your audience, no bling bling, no nonsense.

A great deal of efforts have been invested to make this blog website safe, secure, logical and reasonably simple. Incredible details has been taking into consideration in the design, layout, interface and functionalities. Finally comes out a clean website with essential membership functionalities, and robust frontend editing, publishing, update-editing capabilities.

Below are the main features and functionalities.

Both registered user and non-registered user can publish

The website is a membership based blog system. All registered users are members. It allow both member and non-members to publish posts and join the discussions. Non-members have limited content management tools. Member registration is easy and fee.

Rich contents and easy publishing tool

Rich text editor and image upload are enabled. The blog post publishing process is easy and smooth. Update-editing function is available for the registered users.

Safety & Security

No invasive plugin and add-on is installed. Personal identifying data collection and cookie use are limited to an essential extend for the membership management and website performance.

The website is an SSL certified secure system that authenticate, encrypt and decrypt data sending over the internet. Amazon AWS technology is integrated for high success rate email message delivery in high volume. Google reCAPCHA is adopted for spam prevention and website security.

Member Dashboard

Registered users each has their own member dashboard to monitor their post status as well as update their published posts, all in one place.

Member Profile and Author Box

Registered users each has an member profile page for them to manage their personal or business information to be published with their blogs.

Registered users each has a Author Box that is appended to each post to display the author’s display name, bio and links to his/her most recently published posts. Users can also configure their social media links on the Author Box.

Categories, Tags and Search Functions

Categories and tags are set up for sort and filter. They are cross-indexed to efficiently help user to narrow down the needed information. They also help the search function to return the most relevant search results.

Why VibrationCare Blog

If you are seeking an open-minded, unbiased and dedicated community to share and learn about vibration therapy, VibrationCare is the place to go.

VibrationCare is probably the only focused, neutral vibration therapy information exchange platform with the category and tag system designed only for vibration therapy.

VibrationCare solely focuses on vibration therapy as a knowledge domain, and cover a wide range of the topics in this domain. It is neutral, not service or product specific. For patients, practitioners, medical professionals, researchers, this is your community for exploring, sharing, and discussing vibration therapy.

Bellow attributes differentiate VibrationCare Blog from other internet media that publish vibration therapy related articles.

  • VibrationCare only focuses on vibration therapy related topics. The content structure and retrieval system is designed only for vibration therapy related information. You the author and your target audience can reach each other more efficiently.
  • The categories and tags are well defined and cross-referenced for popular topics and aspects of vibration therapy.
  • As the database grow, the category and tag function will allow patients to get the the most relevant information with just a few clicks on the category and tag names. The structured content will become valuable for scientific research.
  • The internal search function is very effective and return more relevant results because the entire website is focus on vibration therapy and is systematically categorized and tagged.
  • The categories, tags and their relevance works well with search engine (like Google) keywords. Your target audience at larger will be able to found you more easily using google and other major search engine.
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